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Learn how Verizon is helping local innovators explore 5G-enabled solutions.

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To help enable innovators, including startups, universities, large enterprises, and the public sector, discover new 5G applications, a dedicated development and collaboration space known as the Verizon 5G Innovation Hub is coming to Lake Nona.

The Hub will be a dedicated space where 5G-enabled solutions can be developed and tested across a variety of industries prevalent in our community such as healthcare, technology, autonomous mobility, health and wellness, education, retail, and sports. And thanks to exclusive Verizon 5G broadband capacity, innovators that use the Verizon 5G Innovation Hub are also able to test their solutions in Lake Nona’s real world living lab environment.

The new Verizon 5G Innovation Hub is part of Verizon’s broader strategy to partner with businesses and organizations to explore how 5G can disrupt and transform nearly every industry.

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